Lead by the Chief Marketing Officer, The Gleneagle Group has highly experienced and dedicated staff driving all aspects of revenue building.

Sales & Marketing

This is centralised in Killarney and offers support to the local team using a detailed sales and marketing plan, which is managed through weekly review meetings. We further ensure the brand is protected at all times and business gets maximum exposure through all media outlets.

Tour Business

From our analysis it would appear the mix of business is xx in the new property. We would propose over a short period time that this mix be replaced with higher yielding business. In addition to our considerable access to tour operators, we also run our own Gleneagle tours hence driving further Irish tour business through this channel.

Conference Business

Given the high level of well-furnished meeting rooms in the property, we are confident that the Events & Conference (KCC) arm of our business, which in addition to the potential corporate business in xx also has access to a large data base of national and international clients, and hence will be able to deliver even higher activity.

Wedding Business

From our understanding the wedding business currently features heavily as a revenue stream. Our very experienced weddings team ensures that all opportunities are explored given the population of the target area and its surrounds.

Central reservations and e-commerce

The majority of calls would be handled by our experienced central reservation team to:

  1. Ensure that the customer has the best booking experience
  2. Avoid leakage of potential sales
  3. Support the local front office

Furthermore we have an expert in-house E-commerce team who will implement appropriate programmes to maximise on yield.

Digital Marketing

In this ever changing space, we have dedicated resources that will support local teams to ensure that all online interactions with customers are dealt with in a professional and courteous manner as well as supporting all sales and marketing campaigns to drive business to the property.


The Gleneagle hotel group are renowned for providing Irish entertainment 365 days of the year.  As we have a dedicated in-house entertainment team, the intention is to leverage this to bring relevant Acts to new property and hence further drive premium room, and local food and beverage business.