Every business needs to ensure that it has proper measures in place so that it meets not only its obligations to its stakeholders but also that it supports the business units to ensure they can deliver on their obligations. The following are under the remit of the Chief Financial Officer:


Our highly qualified and experience finance team are responsible for the processing of all data and the production of all reports to the relevant stakeholders on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. The team operates and adheres to strict policies, procedures and authority levels to ensure all reports are produced with the highest integrity.


All key financial and management internal and external reports are produced by the experienced Group Finance Team to the highest standards and in a timely manner. The finance team assist the Hotel / Property General Managers in both interpreting the reports and offer guidance to address any variances ensuring that correct decisions can be made appropriately.

Human Resource (HR)

The right people with the right skills are vital to any business. Our Group Talent Management team ensure that all statutory obligations are met and that all staff are trained, developed and mentored to the highest level according to their position. We have a formal performance development programme in place and this is rolled out to all staff in all properties and monitored centrally from Killarney Head Office.

Information Technology (IT)

IT is crucial to ensure that the correct financial and management information is captured and acted upon as well as capturing as much information about our customers as possible. Each properties systems are interfaced with the Gleneagle Group’s existing systems where possible and we have dedicated in-house IT support 365 days of the year.


All payroll for our properties is integrated and processed in Killarney, this ensures robust controls and policies and there is a clear alignment to operations and cashflow.

Cash management

As there is cash in this business, we have very strict tried and tested measures in place to ensure all inflows and outflows are correctly accounted for. A dedicated resource in Finance produces the relevant weekly cashflow reports for review and circulation.