The Gleneagle Group Senior Team ensures all businesses exceed expectations. Support will be provided from our dedicated and very experienced Group Team in Killarney. All these activities are overseen by the Chief Operating Officer.

Food & Beverage

Given the importance of on-site spend, it is vital that we maximise on this.  Therefore up- selling sales training would be provided to all staff in conjunction with HR. The Group Executive Chef works closely with all Chefs to monitor menus, gross profit margins, portion control, waste management, etc.


Given the advantageous geographical proximity (property dependent) we may recommend that all laundry be managed out of our own laundry facilities in Killarney. This would ensure savings are made in this area.


Food, beverage, utilities, consumables, etc. form a considerable cost to any property and hence our Group buying power allows us to leverage this to achieve excellent economies to scale. The Gleneagle Group adopts the very latest resources in tendering and negotiating with suppliers whilst also recognising the need, in certain situations, to purchase from local businesses to drive relationships and maximise sales potential in this area.

Operating payroll

Recognised as the principal controllable cost in the hospitality business, robust controls are vital to ensure this area is well managed. The Gleneagle Group operate rigorous processes to ensure operating payroll is forecasted and controlled in line with expectations.

Accommodation services

The Group Accommodation Manager works closely with all on-site teams to ensure the highest quality of cleanliness and operating standards for external grounds, public areas, operating outlets, back of house, guest bedrooms and corridors.


Given the nature of the industry it is vital we confirm to all statutory compliance, hence all licences, exemptions, health & safety would also be overseen by Operations & Finance from Killarney