Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Gleneagle Group to become Ireland’s leading leisure provider offering universal access for all.

We believe everyone should be treated equally, regardless of impairments, and so we will create a welcoming environment for all. We recognise the importance of making our facilities, services, information and employment accessible.  In order to achieve this we have developed our Access Policy and Action Plan to equip us to become accessible to everyone. By implementing our Access Policy and Action Plan, we will ensure that all employees and visitors are treated equally and in accordance with their needs. We have identified the following areas as our key priorities:

Access Policy And Action Plan

Our Access Policy and Action Plan will make The Gleneagle Group more accessible for people with impairments including mobility, sight, hearing, learning disabilities or any hidden impairments.

Priority 1 - Commitment To Accessibility
We are committed to delivering universal, accessible services to all visitors, guests and staff ensuring equal access for all. In order to achieve this, we have established a working group with responsibility for promoting access we are currently rolling out our Access Policy and Action Plan.

Priority 2 – Disability Audits
We are committed to benchmarking existing levels of accessibility for all of our hotels, venues, the INEC, and associated facilities with a view to continuous improvement.

Priority 3 - Staff Training
We are committed to providing training to ensure we have a diverse, highly skilled, knowledgeable staff capable of delivering high quality accessible services in a welcoming and friendly manner.

Priority 4 – Human Resources
We are committed to maintaining a diverse, highly skilled, knowledgeable, flexible and motivated staff, to deliver high quality accessible services.

Priority 5 – Consultation And Feedback
We are committed to involving people with disabilities in identifying their universal accessibility needs; assessing the results of these consultations and making access improvements.

Priority 6 – Sales And Marketing
We are committed to designing our websites to international best practice accessibility standards and ensuring pre-visitor information is accessible to all, to marketing our services as fully inclusive and striving to be accessible for all, and to ensuring that people with disabilities receive our information in an accessible format.

Priority 7 – Transport
We are committed to providing information on accessible transport to and from our hotels and venues.

Priority 8 – Procurement
We are committed to ensuring that the procurement of goods and services (e.g. Websites; Branding; Toiletries; Contractors; Marketing materials) address universal accessibility and universal design.

Priority 9 - Health And Safety
We are committed to ensuring that the needs of all visitors and staff, including people with disabilities, are catered for in emergency situations. We are also committed to ensuring all new health and safety policies, procedures and practices address the needs of people with disabilities.

Priority 10 – INEC/Entertainment
We are committed to providing universal accessibility for people with disabilities attending live music and events in the INEC, by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry.

Priority 11 – Conferences/Events
We are committed to ensuring that all conferences and events are fully inclusive for all by providing our pre-visit information in an accessible format, developing access procedures and policies to ensure all events incorporate accessibility and by providing external event organisers with information on our accessibility.

Priority 12 - Facilities And Buildings
We are committed to ensuring that our hotels, venues, the INEC and associated facilities are fully accessible where practicable. This will be achieved by carrying out regular accessibility maintenance audits, incorporating accessibility designs in CapEx projects and retrofits and continuously measuring our improvements.

Priority 13 - Guest Relations
The Gleneagle Group is committed to continuously improving universal access for all guests; Ensuring all booking procedures are accessible and offering accurate and detailed information on the accessibility of venue’s facilities and services.

Visit the websites of our properties to understand more about their specific policies.